When is the best time to book a cruise?

It’s a question that I often get asked, when is the best time to book a cruise? There are several factors to consider before you lock yourself in.

1) Do I care where my cabin is located? – The best cabins get booked first, so if you really want that cabin that is mid-ship and around deck 10 you will need to book early. I would say at least 8 months before departure.

2) Do I wait for a sale? – The simple answer is yes. Cruise lines have to fill ships which sail on a new voyage almost every week. The bigger the cruise line the more cabins they need to sell. Therefore cruise lines are willing to come out with a sale, either reduced prices or onboard credit, at least every month. I would subscribe to an e-newsletter and wait for a special to be released on the cruise I’m interested in.

3) Which cruises are usually reduced closer to the departure date? Generally the cruises outside school holidays which have multiple departures are reduced closer to the departure date. There are a lot of cruises to New Zealand, so over the past couple of years its always best to wait for prices to be reduced. Cruises that are unique or are re-positioning cruises often sell out fast and prices don’t fall.

4) What happens if the price goes down after I book? It can be frustrating if you book then the price goes down. Most cruise lines don’t refund the deposit, however if the discount is more than the deposit you might decide to cancel and re-book at the lower price.

5) Are cruises cheaper through the cruise line – I would not book your next cruise direct through a cruise line as you will always be able to get a better price through a travel agency or website.

The final words of advice are wait for a sale and make sure you are happy with the price before you go ahead. Its very hard to predict what will happen to prices in the future, however cruises are excellent value.